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How to Invest in the Cannabis Industry

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The cannabis industry has seen an explosion of capital in the past few years. Investors poured millions of dollars into the sector eyeing a prize valued at no less than a $22 billion industry. Canada’s prime minister is close to delivering on his promise of legalizing marijuana consumption by the...

Cannabis in Small Commonwealth States: Turning a New Leaf?

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From the Caribbean to Europe to Africa, more and more Commonwealth countries are moving away from punitive policies towards cannabis use, and introducing evidence-based reform. The Commonwealth of Nations is home to over two billion people and stretches across the six inhabited continents of the world. Among the group’s 53...

Honey, We’ve Got to Talk About Marijuana

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The Gallup headline yesterday says it all, “Two in Three Americans Now Support Legalizing Marijuana.” That’s right. This is one of those gems of information hidden in the midst of the culture war fueled by the GOP’s wish to take us back to the days when, cough‐cough, America was great....