Advanced Ultimate Frisbee Throws

Advanced Ultimate Frisbee Throws

Advanced Throws to Help You Dominate Ultimate Frisbee

Now that we know getting in tip-top shape is very important to even become competitive in any sense for the sport, it’s time to share some advanced throw ideas so you can really dominate on the field!

Advanced throws take much more practice to execute than the basic throws, and each have specific times when to use them and when not to use them.


Speed Throw (Flick)

The speed throw is named as such because it can be thrown extremely fast. It’s quite hard to throw with any degree of accuracy though so practice. It’s nice because you can catch it and the immediate throw it to your team mate. How you throw it is: Use your pointer and middle finger under the disc and your thumb on top. Throw as if you were trying to skip a flat rock on water. Make sure you keep the disc parallel to the ground, any kind of tilt and the disc will curve. (of course if you want to curve then by all means go ahead)

Low Throw

This is like a traditional basic throw however you release the disc within a few inches of the ground. Given a slightly upward angle upon release and the disc will rise allowing your team mate to catch it – while going under your blocker.

The Hammer

This is a famous throw, it can be extremely useful during the right times but it is also extremely hard to pull off. In fact, I still have issues throwing this one…

To throw a hammer simply pretend like you are throwing an axe. First, hold the disc with your pointer and middle finger on the inner side of the disc, your thumb on the other side.


This is one of my favorites to use, because you can catch the disc and throw it in once fluid motion. After you catch the disc put it up to your clavicle and then move your hand counter clockwise. Once your hand gets about 2/3rds of the way around let it go. It’s pretty accurate but lacks power.


That’s enough for now, if you want a more in depth guide on even more throws check out and article on every ultimate throw! It even has visuals for each throw.

How Important is a Strong Core in Ultimate Frisbee?

How Important is a Strong Core in Ultimate Frisbee?

What Are the Benefits Of A Strong Core for Ultimate Frisbee?

Probably one of the most under looked aspects of being competitive at ultimate frisbee is having a strong core, Strong Woman Core Muscles for Ultimate Frisbeethat is, your abdominal muscles and obliques. Why is this important and how can it give you and edge against your competition?

Our abdominal muscles are more than just the gold standard to a healthy and fit body – they help give your body control and resolve. With rock solid abs you’ll find that you will have a lot more control with your body as well as helping you to throw – especially when trying to throw around an opponent who is blocking you.


Video About the Practical Importance of a Strong Core

The core of your body is just that – your core. Your abdomen is the center of gravity and most of your motion pulls from it. The stronger it is, the better your overall performance will be.

How Do You Get a Rock Solid Core?

There are a lot of workouts to get a core, the problem is some of the important muscles are hard to strengthen or seem like they are meaningless. I’d highly recommend getting a highly rated workout program because form is extremely important. Without good form you won’t properly train your muscles and it could end up being worse for you or your performance on the field.

What I recommend for Men is P90x – it’s more of a full body workout but it hammers your core – especially the program on there strictly for destroying (in a good way) your core region.ultimate-frisbee-core-men

Women on the other hand don’t want or need to bulk up so they don’t need such an extreme program (doesn’t hurt!) so one I’ve seen tremendous results from is called Bikini Body Guide. There are a couple of programs with the same name so I pointed you to a review site that compares the two, you can pick which one you like best. Obviously this helps you look great but again it’s geared to toning and adding strength to your core.

Last note, there’s really no way to work our your core muscles without working out other muscles too! So by having a chiseled abs you’ll also have fantastic other muscles. Abs are best trained with free weights which really is the best way to get results in other areas too – but like I said before form is incredibly important!

Cardio Workouts to Get in Shape for Ultimate Frisbee

Cardio Workouts to Get in Shape for Ultimate Frisbee

How to get your cardio in shape for Ultimate Frisbee

If you have played even one game of ultimate frisbee then you know how much running is involved! You will easily run a few miles every game you play however, unlike going for a 5 miles jog this is more of a “sprint, stop” type of running, it’s many times more exhausting. Remember you only have 3 steps to stop yourself to throw the frisbee.

What’s the best way to get in shape for ultimate frisbee? While jogging or running are never bad, they aren’t as effective as other types of workouts for the sport.

Best Cardio Workout For Ultimate Frisbee

The best way to train is to do interval training, in simple terms it’s where you run really hard for a bit (anaerobic) and where you go mild for a bit (aerobic). Obviously in conjunction with your normal endurance training. The best part about interval training is it conditions your body to the extremes of playing a game of ultimate frisbee.

I’d recommend doing intense interval workouts 3 times a week, endurance training 2 times a week, a nice slow aerobic workout once a week and a day of rest. Obviously do not do a hard workout the day before a game!

If you follow this easy schedule and really work at it you will be dominating the field, in all my games i’ve noticed that very few people can last a whole game with the same vigor that they hard to begin with. Also as an added benefit you’ll be super sexy too! (That’s never a bad consequence.)

Hope that helps your game some! Next time we will talk about some good weight training exercises and programs that will help with your core! In the mean time keep getting crazy with ultimate frisbee! It’s one hell of a fun sport!

Video About Working out for Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee Basics

Ultimate Frisbee Basics

Basics of Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is a relatively new sport, and it has quickly taken over the world! If you don’t know anything about ultimate frisbee then it’s pretty much American football with a frisbee instead of an oddly shaped ball.

What makes this sport very popular is it’s easier to throw the disc but it’s also very active. It takes a lot of energy, if you enjoy it and want to become competitive or if you just want to learn how to play this article is all about the basics of ultimate frisbee. Mastering the basics in any sport is what separates the great – from the best!frisbee-333761_640

Basic #1 Why Play With A Frisbee?

Unlike football, Ultimate Frisbee is all about getting rid of the disc. You only have 3 steps before you must throw it or it’s a travel. And it’s easier to throw the disc father than a football but with more distance comes the potential for less accuracy. The discs we use can easily get thrown off trajectory with any amount of wind, this game is incredibly difficult and is extremely great for exercise.

Who Can Play Ultimate Frisbee?

Anyone can start playing this super fun sport right now, just get a few people together and go use an empty soccer field or something. This is a great game for complete beginners, though i’d recommend playing with beginners if that’s you!

Because there is a steep learning curve (and athletic curve) even people who only play occasionally will have a huge advantage over newbies. I think the best way to start playing is to grab a few friends who haven’t played yet and all grow your skills together. As you get better and better this sport will become more and more fun for you.

There are a lot of people who play this sport professionally, their skills are quite unbelievable and they are in the most ridiculous shape fitness wise!

How to Throw the Frisbee

This is something apparently a lot of people have issues with, throwing the disc. I always thought it was easy but I guess not! The basic way to throw the disc is to grasp it firmly in your dominant hand with your thumb and forefinger. Slowly curl your wrist back into your chest, your wrist should make an almost 90 degree angle and the frisbee should be touching your chest. Now comes the most important part, from your elbow smoothly yet quickly move your entire arm outward, once your elbow is bent at a90 degree angle flick your write as well and keeping your arm extending out. The time to let go of the frisbee is when your thumb is pointing straight ahead. Try this over and over until it becomes second nature.

Also make sure you keep the frisbee as level as possible, any slant to it will cause it to curve and it can curve a lot depending on how far the throw goes.

Here is a great visual demonstration on how to properly throw a frisbee forehand.

There are a lot of crazy advanced throws, but we will get into those in later articles!